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Category: Revisionist History

webOS SimpleChat
webOS SimpleChat is a lightweight message board for the webOS community, hosted by webOS Archive -- or by you! More reliable than the forums, with more history that IRC. Join in no...
drPodder Redux allows you to keep track of audio and video podcasts on your webOS device without the need to hook up to a computer....
MeTube brings YouTube and Reddit videos to webOS! It uses a service layer provided by webOS Archive to fetch YouTube videos into a Touchpad friendly format, then launches the built...
Check Mate HD
Check Mate is the simplest of To Do lists. No data is shared with anyone else, there's no special permissions needed, no ads and no tracking....
Share Space
Share Space creates a bridge between your webOS devices and the modern world. Update your digital Photo Frame, share with others, and get content on and off your device easily....
Map Lite
Maps are back! Map Lite is a lightweight map client for a retro map service that combines Bing Maps with IPInfo Geolocation, to create a lean, but functional map experience on webO...
Webb Telescope Tracker
New for 2022, the Webb Telescope Tracker provides regularly updated data from the historic James Webb Telescope as it leaves earth to explore the galaxy!...
A simple Gmail app for Palm/HP webOS! (Works in 2021)...
A news app for webOS, freshly updated for 2021!...
PreBook is a simple Facebook app that makes it easy to browse the site on your webOS device! It features several handy shortcuts to make navigation on small displays easier, and it...
Messaging Account Bypass
This app does only one thing: it fools Synergy into thinking you have a valid Messaging account, so that you can get into the Messaging app without being prompted to create one. ...
WebDAV Client HD
Did you ever want to access your Cloud storage with your favorite mobile OS? With "WebDAV Client HD" it is possible now! Development has been resurrected as a new Beta in 2021....